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GMRS Radio

What is GMRS Radio

General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)  A mobile two-way voice communication service, with limited data applications, for facilitating activities of individual licensees and their family members, including, but not limited to, voluntary provision of assistance to the public during emergencies and natural disasters.


GMRS is an inexpensive radio system that can provide communications across Cohasset even when the power is down.  GMRS Radios can be handheld, mobile installations and base stations.

  • The cost of a handheld radio can be as low as $35.00.  
  • There are no tests to obtain a GMRS license.
  • The cost of the GMRS license is $35.00 and covers all of your immediate family for 10 years.  
  • There are no additional fees to use a GMRS radio.

Who can You Talk to

The Cohasset community members can communicate with each other, and vertually all other locations in Butte County.  The Butte County Sheriff's office has provided three repeaters to facilitate communications across the county.  With a small hand held radio you can talk across the county even when cell phone communications  are down.  GMRS radios can be used to talk across your property or between cars.  The uses are vertually unlimited.

Training and Practice

The Cohasset GMRS Group can help with training, practice and radio setup.  A weekly radio net run by Maggie Krehbiel meets on the air every Wednesday at 7:00 pm to discuss local emergency communications and procedures.

Get Your GMRS License

Complete step by step instruction to get your GMRS license are here

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